Cigarette smoking – Nicotine reaches brain in 10 seconds of inhalation

A smoker gets about 1 to 2 milligrams of the drug from each cigarette.

What does Nicotine liquid taste like?

There is no way to copy the taste of a cigarettes. However, E- cigarettes will give you a choice from sweet to menthol which makes the vaping experience an enjoyable one. One can mix their flavour's to suit their personal taste as well.

When you first start vaping it is recommended to select a variety of flavours, and you can also order them in smaller quantity's. This way, you have other options available if you don't like a flavour.

What is steeping?

Steeping is E-liquids that have just been produced, they have not had the time to settle in. when you open up your nicotine liquid and find yourself being disappointed by the aroma and taste, it may need steeping. Just Let the e- liquid sit for a one or two weeks and then try them again for a stronger aroma and taste.

What is Vapers Tongue?

"Vapers Tongue" is basicially a loss of taste. Although it may take some time to develop, you may experience it at some point. This is not a permanent thing and you may or may not experience it. Drinking plenty of water in between vaping sessions will help this issue.

Nicotine Juice Mixing Calculator

One of the best mixing calculators we’ve come across is eJuiceMeUp – you can download here.

Cigarettes have the potential to ruin your sense of taste!

Once you quit smoking and start to use e-nicotine, your taste buds will begin to change. This change is common and your sense of taste will return to normal. Food will soon start to taste as it should.

Some nicotine liquids taste better over time. Your e liquid batch may just need to be steeped. If you run into a problem where the flavour of an e liquid is faint, don’t throw it away. Let it sit or "Steep" for a month and it may give you more of the flavour you were seeking.

How Does Nicotine In Cigarettes Compare To Nicotine E liquid In Ecigs?

Nicotine in Cigarettes are full of toxic tobacco, these are not present in a E-cigarette. The vapour particulates have shown to be larger than that of cigarette smoke. This then restricts the entrance into the smallest passages of the lungs. It also delivers the nicotine in a much cleaner way than that of a cigarette and the nicotine absorption will be at a slower pace.