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    E Juice Australia | How To Maintain Your Stop Smoking Pledge


    One of the most common New Year’s resolutions of many people from different parts of the world is to put an end to their smoking habit.
    This is one of the major reasons why Nicotine e liquid has become so popular in Australia.
    However, most of them find it hard to keep their pledge and end up going back to their old habit over and over again.
    If you are now more determined to kick the butt, this book aims to help you maintain your pledge to stop smoking and make your resolution turn into a reality.

    Smoking Solutions

    How To Maintain The Stop Smoking Pledge From Your New Year’s Resolution.


    Why Quitting is Just So Hard

    Smoking still remains to be the primary preventable cause of many fatalities all over the United States. But if you are a smoker, you know that kicking this habit is easier said than done. You can put the blame of nicotine, which is a highly addictive tobacco component that can lead to emotional dependency and physical withdrawal.

    However, now that the New Year is here, this is now the perfect time to work on your stop smoking resolution. There is no need to be disheartened in case you still struggle with kicking the butt because you are not the only one that fights in this battle. The truth is, this is one of top 5 New Year’s resolutions that a lot of people make every year, meaning there are really plenty of other people who share the same dilemma as you. Before anything else, you need to deal with your addiction as well as the habits that go with this. Start with creating a realistic plan that will help you get through this particular challenge.

    Advanced Planning

    One or several reasons have pushed you to make such a decision. In order to succeed, this motivation needs to be reinforced with a strong and firm will power. Check your planner and pick the perfect stress-free month for you to quit.

    Create a Support Group

    Things will be difficult for the first several weeks since you will need to deal with withdrawal symptoms. You can enlist the assistance of your family, 7

    friends as well as coworkers. These people can be the best source of encouragement and strength during this challenging time. Also, you can join a support group.

    Eliminate the Temptations

    You have to determine the things which trigger you to smoke. Avoid situations that might make you grab a cigarette and lessen the time that you spend hanging out with people who also smoke. Clear your surroundings of cigarettes as well as other smoking paraphernalia and tools.

    Be Active

    Physical activities will help for you to stay busy each time you get the urge of smoking a cigarette. Visit the gym or take a stroll in the park when you have a lot of free time.

    See an Expert

    You might also consult a behavioural therapist who can assist you in quitting smoking or you can also visit your doctor who can suggest prescription medications that can help ease the nicotine withdrawal.

    Never Give Up

    Just like the rest of addictions, it is never easy to quit smoking. Perseverance is needed and you have to stop looking for excuses to get your hands on a cigarette again. Although there might be relapses, take this as a chance for making your commitment stronger and try much harder.

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