Dripping Is Wetting the Coil of the Atomiser with E- Liquid Instead of Using Cartridges

If the coil of your atomiser is recessed inside, you will drip 2 -4 drops of liquid directly onto the coil. If the coil is exposed, then you can dip the coil itself into the e liquid and hold it there for a second. Dripping produces the rough equivalent of one cigarette worth of puffs is equal to this dripping process. You should also be aware that dripping may brake the vaping device. Try not to get dripping into the battery as it can make it unusable. Making it stick in the on or off position. "Drip tips" are available for purchase on this site.

Where can I buy nicotine e liquid in Australia - Legal by Prescription Only

Register to buy nicotine liquid in Australia. Please select the link above or from the menu at the top left of our website this will lead you to the registry questionnaire. It if easy to fill out please use the same personal details that is on your Driver's license. We also have loyalty points, so if you share with us your instagram handle we will give you 5 loyalty points. We also required a coypy of your Medicare Card for this initial registration.
Once you have signed up, just login in and you have access to our store and all the information you will need to get you started.
An Australian-based licensed and registered medical practitioner will review your medical questionnaire. Please note that the service is available only to those who are genuinely in the process of attempting to quit smoking, have been long term chronic smokers and have failed to quit by other means. You may be contacted by email or phone to further discuss your smoking cessation history and needs.
Your legal prescription will be forwarded to the chemist to keep on file and the dispatch of your order will complete the 4 step process. Your order will be dispatched within 1 business day once received by the pharmacy. You will be sent tracking details via email. Order will be sent with Auspost Express overnight.